How Much Mg of Omega 3 Fish Oil Should I Take per Day?

If you are wondering how much omega-3 fish oil fatty acids you need to take a day, this article will thoughtfully and honestly give you the best answer...


How Much Mg of Fish Oil Should I Take a Day? Learn How Much Omega-3 You Need to Take to See Results From Taking This Supplement…


Let’s face it. Today’s hectic lifestyles do not leave any time to care for our health. Add to this the high intake of fast foods, the pollution that we face every day, and the lack of physical activity we all have; it’s no wonder that we have so many health problems.

Fish oil is nature’s wonder that can protect us from all the assaults on our health. As the popularity of fish oil supplements increases an important question that frequently arises is “How much fish oil should I take?”

Fish oil is rich in Omega 3-fatty acids, and this is oil is essential to the body for many different reasons that have been proven by scientific research.

Omega Fish Pils Out BottleStudies have shown that the oil helps to maintain good health, avoid disease and even cure various types of illnesses or health conditions.

For example, fish oil supplements can contribute to reduce heart disease and lower triglycerides. The body does not produce Omega 3 naturally, so this nutrient has to be consumed by eating fish or by taking a dietary supplement.

You will be surprised to know that the answer to the question – how much fish oil should I take; depends on your health condition, your age and most importantly on the quality of the oil, you are planning to make. Let us explore them one by one.

  1. Health condition

It is a known fact that omega3 fats present in fish supplements are vital for proper functioning and development of various body parts. The absence of these fats in the body results in different ailments like heart attacks, strokes, inflammation in the body, high blood pressure, etc.

However, if you are already suffering from any health condition, this means that you are already deficient in omega3 fats. Therefore, you need a more daily dosage of these fats, first to compensate the deficiency and then to maintain the desired levels.

  1. Age

With age, immunity levels decrease, making you more prone to age related as well as other health conditions. Therefore you need more dosage as in comparison to young people.

  1. Quality of oil

It is the most important factor that decides the daily fish oil dosage. The market today has high as well as low-quality products. You have to be cautious while taking your pick. An inferior one will not only be ineffective but also can do more harm.

For best results look for supplements that have at least 250mg of DHA per 1000mg of oil.

Also, check if supplements have undergone the molecular distillation process or not. The supplements that undergo this expensive yet very effective filtering process are the purest.

Here is the list and reviews of the Top 6 Fish Oil Supplement Brands that we feel are the most potent and you can be assures that the quality is really top notch.

To check the toxicity of the oil, you can have a look at COA (Certificate of Analysis) published by the manufacturer.

This document tells you the amount of toxins (toxins could be present in oil because of contaminated fish caught from polluted oceans) present in the oil. Higher is a number of toxins; poorer is the quality of the oil.

How much fish oil should I take?

For those who wonder, how much fish oil should I take the suggested dosage for an adult is omega-3-fish-oil-supplements500-750 mg a day.

However, it’s best to gradually build up to this maximum dosage, such as from 1-2 tablets a day to 3-4 tablets a day, when first taking a


There can be minor side effects such as bloating, gas and belching if too much is taken at once. The body can adjust to the maximum dosage if the amount is introduced more slowly, and then gradually increased.

Children can take these supplements as well, but the dosage is different. It is best to talk to a pediatrician before introducing children to these supplements. Or select a quality of fish oil that is directly manufatured for children like the Xtend-Life fish oil supplement for kids.

According to FDA food pyramid, it is recommended to eat 3.5 ounces of baked fish a day. The amounts vary according to how the fish is cooked.

My fish oil contains a lot of EPA. Is that good?

While EPA is right for us, what our body needs is the DHA Omega 3. The ideal oil would contain its bulk in DHA with EPA as the secondary component.

Reason being, DHA provides most of the benefits associated with fish oils and EPA is the secondary one.

Also, the human body can convert DHA into EPA if needed, through a simple process. So an adequate quantity of DHA is enough to take care of the body’s needs.

How do I choose good omega 3 fish oil?

The primary thing that you need to check is the source of the oil. Not all fish are rich in DHA. Most of them contain EPA only. You need to look for a fish that contains DHA as the major component in its oil.

Secondly, the refining process of the oil plays a critical part in determining how efficient and safe the oil is going to be. Molecular distillation is the process which removes all the impurities from the oil. However, since it is expensive and complicated, most companies avoid it and use simpler refining techniques. You need to find those rare businesses that use this process. Or see why we love the Xtend-Life DHA Fish Oil Tablets.

How Much is Too Much When Taking Fish Oil Pills?

Taking too much Omega 3 fatty acids is possible. Too much Omega 3 can lead to blood clotting problems and bleeding problems.

Fish oil supplements can cause belching, bad breath, heartburn, nausea, loose stools, rash, and nose bleeds.

People who have bleeding disorders should not take the supplement unless advised to do so by their doctor.

Anyone taking a prescription medication should check with their doctor or pharmacist about possible interactions. That covers the areas where supplementation may not be advisable.

So there you have it. This should answer your question “how much fish oil should I take?”, And more.

The health benefits of using fish oil daily can not take be light. It is the richest source of a nutrient that our modern diet is lacking, and is indeed essential to our good health.

You will never again be confused by statements from companies that put driving up their profits ahead of your health. Taking fish oil is supposed to improve your health, and not harm you in any way.

Hope you are more clean on how much fish oil mg per day you need to take and if you really want to invest in your health, make sure you check out our Top 6 Fish Oil products, that are all very high of quality.


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