What Is The Best Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement? The Ultimate 2017 Guide

If you are looking to buy a quality omega-3 fish oil supplement, here is the 2017 report on the top 6 quality fish oil brands on the market today...

What Is The Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement on The Market Today?


Omega 3 fatty acids which contain high percentages of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are a must to maintain optimum human physiology and are “Nature’s wonder drug” of the future, though it has been lying under the waters of our oceans, since the birth of our planet.

Our forefathers enjoyed it abundantly and we still do too, but the difference could be the prolific industrialization of our modern world and the pollutants that we are surreptitiously releasing into our waters.

No part of our mighty oceans and land could be given the thumbs up as safe, for the simple reason that we all live in a cocoon, and our atmosphere encompasses us and what happens in one’s backyard affects another’s too.

Best Rated Fish Oil TabletsThe Omega 3 fatty acids that our bodies have been consuming over the last few decades have done more harm to us than good, since our main source of “Nature’s wonder drug” is through the consumption of fish, which are highly contaminated with so many pollutants that even our most learned scientists would be unable to comprehend.

This is so because, whilst consuming fish for what we think would be the ultimate source of the best fish oils, we are unknowingly also taking in all the pollutants, that the oceans are dissolved with.

This does not mean that we stop eating fresh fish, of which the world consumes about 110 million tons annually but fish and our consumption of the other varieties of meat are causing all the sicknesses and disease that we see around us.

It is what the cattle, lamb and chicken eat for instance that we indirectly consume, and that is true for fish in our oceans too when they end up on our dinner tables, whilst the former three are fed to get fat and not to stay healthy, well groomed, handsome and have a long life, like us, the latter feed on all the pollutants that are swirling around in our mighty oceans.

There is no stopping us, knowing all the ills, we would still be consuming meat and fish in abundance and that would be another aspect of how healthy we could live, in the future.

Because of the many Omega 3 fish oil benefits, its obvious that we need to consume these fatty acids in a way that does not harm our bodies.

The solution we could find for our “Hobson’s choice” predicament would be to find the best omega 3 fish oil supplement that would provide us with the top quality of omega 3 fatty acids that we severely lack when consuming a conventional fish diet.

It is imperative to learn certain important and pertinent aspects before you purchase fish oil pills which are in liquid gel capsule form, which is the way that omega 3 fish oil is presented for human consumption.

What You Need to Look For in Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement:Omega Fish Pils Out Bottle

#1.  The fish harvested for the best fish oil pills should be preferably from cleaner ocean waters than the world’s worst polluted which are around the industrially depended countries. For us the ultimately best choice is the DHA fish oil from New Zealand clear and polution free waters.

#2.  Does the species of fish so harvested have a high natural incidence of DHA and EPA omega 3, in them because some species have less than others. Look for  Salmon, Tuna and Hoki fish. If the fish oil product you have found does not tell you from which fish it was made, quickly go away!

#3.  To extract the best quality fish oil the process of purification should mandatorily involve sophisticated molecular distillation which would separate all pollutants and ensure that the most pure omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are produced.

#4.  Does the pack present enough information and description of the omega 3 fish oil pills especially about the amount of DHA and EPA omega 3 contained in each capsule? You deserve to know the DHA and EPA ratios!

#5.  Does the information match the quantity of servings in the pack.


There are many products in the market that are offered at very attractive prices in very different and colorful packing, but finding the very best among  the so called best fish oil supplements would be our prerogative.

The next question on our lips would be that most important of them all before we journey out to the store to buy our pack of omega 3 fish oil pills.


What is the best fish oil supplement?

There is no doubt that the best fish oil supplement would be the one able to match the above five hashed criteria and ensure that the fish oil pills presented in its pack would provide a healthy lifestyle to all those who consume it and for which we compare the following six products to find the best fish oil supplement brand available in the market.

These are rated by total sales and customer reviews and their satisfactions. All of that can be found online and we will include link to all the products, where you can read all the customer reviews for each particular omega 3 fish oil supplement.


The Top 6 Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement Brands in 2017

Here we have compiled the list of the best fish oil capsules based on many customer reviews and sales:

#-6. BioScience Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil 2250mg

6. BioScience Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil 2250mgHigh composition of DHA 1200mgs, EPA 900mgs and other omega 3 fatty acids 150mgs gives this product more in terms of value in omega 3 fish oils and each fish oil pill is 2250mgs, with the recommended dosage being three per day and a pack would last for forty days.

The fish that are harvested are Anchovies, Mackerel and Sardines and are 100% deep Ocean and from the wild and is manufactured in the United States from special pelagic fish oil.

The manufacturing process is FDA and GMP certified and is tested and the thumbs up given as being heavy metal free and regularly inspected under very strict supervision to meet high standards as per FDA regulations.

The putrefaction process is under strict quality control and the molecular distillation process conducted is essential to remove all pollutants including mercury, heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins, to produce ultra pure and refined omega fish oil.

The manufacturing facility is state of the art and maintains strict quality control to ensure that only the best fish oil pills leave the premises.

The product is also Lactose, Cholesterol and Gluten free with a tinge of lemon flavor, which prevents uncomfortable burps which most consumers detest and avoid taking fish oil pills.

The price of US $ 20.85 for a forty day supply is quite competitive as the intake of omega 3 fatty acid content with corresponding composition of DHA and EPA are high in this product and above average of daily intake depending on individual physiological requirements.

#-5. Nature Made Burp-less Fish Oil

5. Nature Made Burp-less Fish OilThe source from where the fish, Anchovies and Sardines are harvested is Peru and being from the deep Pacific Ocean the quantum of pollutants in this area is quite high due to the heavy currents bringing in polluted waters of the sea around the United States.

Mercury is said to be removed in its putrefaction process but no mention of molecular distillation which would also ensure removal of other pollutants, which is a very essential process to obtain pure refined omega 3 fish oil.

The fish oil pills are enteric coated hence delivery to the stomach and absorption is slow release which prevents unpleasant burps that most detest and avoid consuming these products.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are added in the state of the art manufacturing process which removes PCBs, dioxins and furans.

The pack is presented with 150 fish oil pills, which would be sufficient for two and a half months consumption and it has to be seen if any fishy smells are evident to guarantee such a long shelf life, especially after opening the pack.

The recommended dosage of 2 x1000mgs provides 600mgs of heart friendly omega 3 which includes 500mgs of DHA and EPA in combination and other omega 3 fish oils constituting 100mgs.

No yeast or starch is added and the fish oil pills are gluten free and the price for the pack is US $ 12.53, which is quite competitive but lacking the most important molecular distillation process, would put’s this product at a disadvantage.

The price for this product is quite competitive compared to other products in the market and its burp-less advantage should carry it through when comparing with the other products in the market.

The failure to give the breakdown in composition between the DHA and EPA and how it constitutes in the product is another drawback for the product because all products ensure to provide this information which is vital.

The more DHA you would have in the product could be converted into EPA but it is not possible to reverse the process when you have excess EPA.

A clarification in this regard would be a good place to start and disclosing this information would be vital to the success of the product.

#-4. Kirkland Signature Fish Oil Concentrate with Omega-3 Fatty Acids

4. Kirkland Signature Fish Oil Concentrate with Omega-3 Fatty AcidsThe fish are Anchovies, Sprats, Herring, Salmon and Sardine and sourced from the deepest of oceans and are not farm raised hence it is wild fish in their natural habitat and have an abundance of omega 3 fish oil to be harvested.

The extraction methods are state of the art using molecular distillation processes and all PCB’s, dioxins, mercury and furans are completely separated to produce super fine high quality fish oil pills.

The molecular distillation process is essential for every omega 3 fish oil processing facility because that is what takes off all the harmful pollutants, if you would need to have the best fish oils.

No artificial flavors, colors and yeast and is gluten free with purity of the fish oil at accepted World health Organization (WHO) levels.

The manufacturing facilities are constantly subjected to strict quality controls and inspections and adhere to all FDA statutory requirements.

Contains a total of 250 mgs, omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in combination with 50 mgs of other omega 3 fatty acids, in 1000mgs soft gel form capsules.

Pack contains 400 x2 and is priced at US $ 29.99 and daily recommended dosage would depend due to the low percentage of just 250mgs of DHA and EPA and 50 mgs in combination in one serving of 1000mgs.

The low composition of DHA and EPA which is only 250mgs in a 1000 mgs capsule gel would not be what you would expect because the idea of consuming omega 3 fish oil is to provide your body with the optimum quantity of DHA and EPA and this product does not seem to do that.

Most of the other products in the market have very high DHA and EPA and provides the minimum recommended quantity of 600 mgs per day, either by consuming one, two or three capsule gels.

In this product the steep price does not allow that so it is a product that would need intense review before you would purchase.  

#-3. Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement3. Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement

Composition of EPA 1400mgs, DHA of only 480mgs which is less than other similar products and 120mgs of other omega 3 fish oils, constituted in a dosage of 2200mgs, contained in a pack of 180 gels, sufficient for three months at 2 x 2200mgs per day.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that the recommended dosage is consumed after a meal to help in optimum absorption and intake of the omega 3 fish oils.

The omega 3 fish oil supplement is from fish harvested in the wild Ocean depths consisting of Anchovies, Mackerel and Sardines but unlike the accepted and essential molecular distillation and putrefaction process in other similar products, this product employs a proprietary supercritical extraction process that brings out more omega 3 fish oil that helps in better absorption and greater physiological advantage.

Recently underwent a rebranding initiative and was named Viva Naturals from Viva Labs but there has not been any change in the manufacturing process or the ingredients that have gone into the product.

It has no detestable fishy taste due to its move from traditional omega 3 fish oil extraction processes and utilizing an innovative supercritical method, which eliminates harmful oxidation ensuring long term freshness.

Each batch released from the manufacturing facility is extensively checked and IFOS 5-Star certified which is a premium rating ratifying that it satisfies daily omega 3 fish oil intake.

Regular checks are carried out to ensure that the best manufacturing standards are maintained and the best fish oils are packed and delivered to the discerning customers.

There is no effort left aside to ensure good quality products are what is forthcoming from the manufacturing facilities from the sourcing to the final product.

The high EPA composition does not help much because it cannot be converted into DHA but if it was the other way around with a higher DHA content then it could be converted into EPA if the need arises.

Why this anomaly came to be present is puzzling as they are using the same type of fish that most other brands fishing in the same seas are producing.

The product does not contain any corn, egg, wheat, milk, peanut, tree nut, artificial colors or sweeteners which are some of the most common allergies around.

#-2. Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple Strength

2. Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple StrengthPresented in a pack of 180 soft gel fish oil pills each 1000mgs with a recommended serving of 2x1000mgs per day containing, 1400mgs of omega 3 fatty acids constituting 600mgs DHA and 800mgs EPA.

This product with a single serving meets the minimum recommended 600 mgs of DHA per day which an adult is expected to consume to lead a healthy and sickness and disease free life.

The fish oil pills before it rolls out of the manufacturing facility is purified by the essential molecular distillation process to ensure that they are free from any type of pollutants that would be present especially PCBs, mercury, heavy metals and other toxins.

The fish are harvested as per the pack in the wild oceans the true sources of which are not disclosed which could place possible consumers in a apprehensive mind, especially with the extreme pollution in the waters around the United States where it is manufactured.

The fish oil pills are putrefied with molecular distillation hence the harvesting of the fish in the wild does not pose much of a problem because any pollutants would have been separated and fine pure omega 3 fatty acids obtained.

Strict quality control is maintained to ensure that the manufacturing process and the end product are as per the standards recommended and required by statutory authorities, where unannounced inspections are regularly conducted to maintain those standards.

As many as seventeen independent tests have been conducted by NSF and the product has been given the thumbs up and as being free of any toxins and also confirming the quantum of the DHA and EPA composition.

Regular quality tests are conducted for each batch that rolls out of the manufacturing facility by in house and independent third party entities to ensure strict compliance to envisaged standards.

The price for a pack is US $ 27.98 and has a three month supply which would last the period as it is non-GMO with an enteric coating to prevent any fishy aftertaste of putrefaction.

The enteric coating delivers the fish oil pills to the stomach preventing unpleasant burping which could bring out some nasty fishy smells especially when in the company of others and also helps to increase the absorption ratio of the DHA and EPA.

Good fish oil pills especially due to its high composition of DHA and EPA in the omega 3 fish oil which is at a highly recommended 600mgs and 800mgs respectively.

The price could be a bit too on the high and steep side for the product as there are more competitive similar products in the market .

#-1. Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish Oil

1. Xtend-Life Omega 3 DHA Fish OilThe most ideal fish which are Hoki and Tuna to extract the best fish oil supplements are harvested from the unpolluted waters south of New Zealand where the equatorial ocean currents drag the pollutants away leaving a pristine ocean for healthy marine life.

It is only the best fish oil that you can extract when the fish harvested are healthy and allowed to grow in the best of habitats without pollutants endangering their lives and that of those who seek them out for pure superfine and high quality omega 3 fish oil.

This product is reputed for using only Hoki and Tuna from this deep ocean for and the purified extraction process is state of the art using the optimum possible methods to ensure only the best moleculary distilled omega 3 fish oil goes into the packs that are manufactured under strict quality control.

A 2000mgs soft gel contains 1100mgs of omega 3 fatty acids, DHA 700mgs, EPA 300 mgs, total omega 9 fatty acids 240mgs and total omega 6 fatty acids 120 mgs which is one of the best fish oil supplements available in the market today, because no other product provides such high compositions of these essentials in their fish oil pills.

This product does not contain Gluten, peanut, soy, dairy products, shellfish or any flavors which are some of the most common allergies displayed by many hence we are very careful in our manufacturing process to ensure that none of these have any chance of contamination.

This could be taken with or without food, two capsules one or two times a day for adults and children under six one capsule once a day.

The Tuna oil undergoes a special process of its own, apart from the essential molecular distillation process that the Hoki oil goes through which is to separate any pollutants that could have contaminated the fish, though this possibility is minimum due to the unpolluted ocean area they are harvested.

There are sixty soft gels in the pack which is competitively priced at US $ 17.95 and at two per serving it is sufficient to last a full month and is good value for money.

Our bodies need omega 3 fish oil as a supplement to enhance our intake of the required quantities of DHA and EPA and this product gives just what your body needs.

The recommended 600 mgs per day is what this product provides for the discerning health conscious individual who would want an active life even passing their twilight years.

A product that is well recommended and a must take for all ages irrespective what you do during your leisure time as this is s natural product for healthy people.

It could be the NO #1, and the best fish oil supplement brand among the rest as it really delivers good value for money and that is just what we would want when we are looking for the best omega 3 fish oil in the market.

From my personal experience of over 7 years of consuming strictly Xtend-Life DHA Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules, I must say that this New Zealand brand is top notch quality and their customer service is really awesome.

You can read more about Xtend-Life fish oil here and see which product can be great for you!







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